The Museo Nazionale della Montagna “Duca degli Abruzzi” located at Monte dei Cappuccini in Turin, is located at an extraordinary panoramic position from which you can admire 400 kilometres of Alps and the city. The idea of building the museum emerged in 1874 among the first Italian Alpine Club members. It was then established in 1863.

The museum is a cultural focal point, which ideally unites all aspects of mountains across the globe through a broad and heterogeneous activity of documentation and research, of exhibits and conferences.
The Mountainmuseum is divided into three areas:
– the Exhibit area, with a permanent exhibition, temporary ones, the alpine lookout and the panoramic terrace
– the Documentation area with more than 450,000 articles from the Museomontagna documentation sector, the Italian Alpine Club’s National Library, from the historic film library, and from the Extra-European Alpine Documentation and Study Centre (CISDAE)
– the Meeting area, the historic hall of coat of arms, the conference rooms and the bar-restaurant.

The Mounainmuseum is the home of the International Alliance for Mountain Film and of the International Mountain Museums Alliance, global networks for the conservation and promotion of the cinema sector and promotion of the culture and museums of high-altitude territories.