The METS – Museo Etnografico Trentino San Michele

The METS – Museo Etnografico Trentino San Michele (, is located in San Michele all’Adige (Trento, Italy), street E. Mach, n°2.
It is a public, no profit body.
Founded in 1968, is a center where ethnographical culture is preserved.
Today is the most important Italian ethnographic museum present in the province and keeps, tells and enhance history, life and cultural traditions of the alpine populations who lived and still living in Trentino.
It owns more than 18.000 objects; and around 8.000 are exposed in 43 different rooms.
There are also a vast library and a specialized media library.
It is an important academic facility for ethnographic studies for the entire Alpine community.

The METS gathers, tidies up and studies all the materials that reference to the history, economy, dialects, customs and traditions of the population from Trentino; promotes and shares studies and researches about ethnologic arguments; cares about the preservation of technologies that are developed by the people of Trentino during the centuries.

The main enhancement activities of the METS are:
– ethnographic researches (for example APTO; Il Trentino dei contadini; L’alfabeto delle cose; Carnival King of Europe; Scritte dei pastori; Granzebauern/Contadini di frontiera);
– publications: (such as Annals of San Michele; monograph endograph from Trentino; books for kids);
– events, conventions, conferences:;
– temporary exhibitions;
– educational laboratories:;
– Trentino’s ethnographic festival:;
– Trentino’s ethnographic web exhibition:;
– Eurorama:;
– SPEA – Seminario permanente dell’etnografia alpina:

The METS tidies up territorial’s cultural objects and materials and organizes exhibition sections:
– the agro-forestry-pastoral economy: cultivated fields, woods, pastures;
– the big machines that work with water: the mill, the sawmill, the mallet, the noria;
– the textile culture;
– ceramic;
– the art of wood;
– the rituals of the year;
– the house (stube, bedroom, basement, tavern, stable);
– the music.

All the objects come from the territory of the province of Trento and are arranged in a scientific way.